I Rule

I am pretty darn proud of myself today.  I’ve only really gotten into baking in the last year and I’ve come a long way.  Baking is science and I have a long love/hate history with science.  Yes, making a cake taste good is an art, but you won’t get a cake in the first place unless you adhere to scientific principals of cake-making.  Today, I made my first cake from a recipe that I made myself and it turned out pretty good.  I rule.  It needs a few minor modifications to make exactly what I am looking for but did I mention that I made the recipe for a cake on my own and it turned out pretty good?  Yes, I made the recipe up.  By.  My.  Self.  (Note: For once in my life, I don’t really care if that last sentence was even remotely grammatically correct because I baked a cake from my own recipe that I made up by myself and it was good.)

Oh, sorry… back to the cake.  (I rule.)  I made an olive oil cake.  I’ve been wanting to make one for months, but never got around to it today until I saw a facebook status update from a friend that she was in the mood to bake.  I thought, “Hey, I’m in the mood to bake.  I’ll bake, too.”  Then I realized that I’ve never actually been in a mood to bake.  I’ve always baked for a reason (a party, a holiday, a family member’s birthday, etc.) but today I had no reason.  Ambition would make up the difference.  It struck me that it was the perfect time to make an olive oil cake.  I put my made-up recipe to the test.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but it turned out well.

I shoved a piece of cake in The Cop’s mouth as his foot crossed the threshold and before he even had a chance to say hello after arriving home from work.  The look on his face said it all: it was good.  Shortly after, a friend walked through the door and I shoved a piece of cake in her mouth before she could get a hello out too.  She was pleased with the cake as well.  Looks like I’m very close to a win with a recipe I made all by myself mind you.  You know, in case you didn’t know.

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4 Responses to I Rule

  1. Jules says:

    Okay fruitloop- I hope you tried it first! Did they have a second piece and did the kids eat all of their piece? If yes then you do have a winner on your hands.

  2. Jules says:

    Did u use citrus in your cake?

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